Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, the peak of your love, so it must be perfect, unique and unforgettable

Essenza Eventi puts at your disposal all its competence, experience and professionalism with several services and creative ideas to make it an exclusive event, capturing and enhancing its essence

Each project is a custom-made project for every couple and reflects the passion put into her profession by the Wedding Planner Valeria.

Wedding Planner

Every wedding project is created and processed leaving nothing to chance, taking care of every detail, selecting together with the spouses the most suitable suppliers for their wedding, in compliance with their budget

Valeria will be at your side with discretion in every moment, following you step by step during the organization of the wedding

But why rely on Essenza Eventi? Can’t we do everything by ourselves?

The answer is simple.

Doing everything by yourself is very stressful, it takes lots of time, there are so many things to have to think and at not always the result is what you hoped for

All that takes time and the pleasure of enjoying your most beautiful day

On the contrary, it will not happen, entrusting to a professional one

Wedding Planner

How does the Wedding planner service work?

 After having met you, having listened and understood your dreams and needs, gathering all the necessary informations, the wedding planning will begin

At first Valeria will define with you your ideas of the wedding, it will be reflected in every single detail in a harmonic way

Then she will search for you the location, the suppliers, the best professionals for your project, following you all the time, recommending you the best, keeping your budget under control.

Valeria will deal with problem solving and take care of every aspect of the event, identifying the critical issues in advance and the problems that could arise, finding solutions and/or alternatives

During all the wedding planning, she will coordinate with all suppliers with an effective schedule and a timeline of the day of the event, leaving nothing to the chance

She will be present the day of your wedding, to coordinate every supplier and the development of every moment of the event.

The wedding planner Valeria will create for you an “ad hoc” event and you and your guests will enjoy it.

So, relying on Essenza Eventi to organize your event will give you value to your time and your dream, with the certainty of the results