About Essenza Eventi®

Essenza Eventi® Wedding and Events is a new, modern reality, with a staff ready to offer you all its knowledge and professional competence, acquired through direct experience, job training and specialization, to make you live the most important moments of your life in the best way.

Passion is the engine of our agency, which helps us to make your most important events (with your family, friendship or in the social life) unforgettable and special, paying great attention even to small details.

“Why should you trust Essenza Eventi®, when you can manage your event on your own?”

The answer is simple.

The management of an event is very stressing, if you do everything by yourselves.

You have a great many things to face and arrange and not always with satisfactory results. All that requires much time and the pleasure to enjoy the celebration, the most important day of your life, vanishes.

Wedding and Events

How does the Wedding planner service work?

Essenza Eventi® provides consulting, plans, organizes and coordinates your event, thanks to a suitably qualified staff, working in harmony, trustworthy service suppliers and fully experienced professionals, always respecting your planned budget.

We will meet your requirements, exalt the essence of your event, making it exclusive, special, taking care of the smallest details.

Wedding and Events

Relying on Essenza Eventi® to organize your event, is not a luxury: it is a way to make the most of your time.

Our aim is to turn your ideas and dreams into reality.

To imagine, dream, feel, create an enchanting memory, all that is not a privilege for few: with Essenza Eventi® it may become a reality for everybody.