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”Yes, I Do”

Symbolic Wedding Ceremony and Symbolic Wedding Celebrant

It is a ceremony where the couples witness their union in the presence of their dearest ones and of the most important persons for them; symbolic wedding ceremony will be celebrated by the Symbolic Wedding Celebrant chosen by the couple

This kind of ceremony is more often chosen by the couples who…

…decide to get married only with a civil marriage, but want to celebrate their ceremony in a scenographic set. This happens very often;

…want to celebrate their anniversary or a special moment in their life renewing their love promises

…decide to witness their union without legal bonds of any kind

…are formed by foreigners who want to celebrate their wedding with symbolic rite in Italy, in a special place or in a wonderful location;

…may not celebrate a civil marriage yet, because of legal reasons or because they have to wait too long to get married, or are not allowed to get married with a Church marriage; it is the case of the divorcés who find their new twin souls with whom they want to start a new life, and they do not want to wait too long to celebrate an official ceremony

…they have not the possibility to get married yet ,neither with a civil nor with a church marriage, because their kind of union has no legal value for the society

…are same sex couples

The Celebrant

To make the moment of the rite unique and special, it’s essential the figure of the Celebrant who must make exciting and emotional the ceremony.
Essenza Eventi® gives great care to the couple who asks her this service; the couple will be the protagonist of a tailored, unforgettable and moving ceremony.

Symbolic Wedding Celebrant a Portofino

Essenza Eventi® offers exciting ceremonial speeches , even with poetic lyrics and also as special ceremonial as:

Quote on request

The Celebrant service can take place all over Italy.

The ceremony can be held in Italian, English, French and Russian.

The ceremony can be held in only foreign language or bilingual (ceremony in Italian and in a second language, in this case with two celebrants).

The celebrant service can be added to other offers and services for your wedding and it is also proposed to the locations, hotels, restaurants, caterings, etc. …which want to offer it as an additional service for their guests, or in case their customers ask them this kind of service.

Thanks to the experience and creativity of Essenza Eventi®, we will be able to suggest you the most charming locations for your symbolic ceremony.

Contact Essenza Eventi® is synonymous with security in the realization of your dream ceremony.