Love Letters & Wine Box Ceremony is a romantic Ceremony.

Bride and Groom, before the beginning of the Ceremony, write each other a letter of love in which they are going to describe why they fell in love with each other, how love has grown between them, what makes them kindred souls and will seal them.

No one of them, therefore, knows what’s written in the letters.

During the ceremony, Bride and Groom put their love letters in the Wine Box, that is a wooden hand-made box in which there are: a bottle of high – quality Italian wine and two goblets.

Then, they close the box.

Love Letters and wine box ceremony

If during their Wedding they should face a moment of crise or difficulties, they will take the box, open it, share a goblet of good wine and read their letters.

In this way, they will remember the love that united each other, the promises pronounced on their wedding day.

Obviously, the wish is that both of them won’t have the necessity to open the box until their 5th Anniversary, but if, unfortunatly, they will have the need to open it, the box will be there.

After this, they will set up again the box with: two new letters, two goblets and another bottle of wine.

Then they will close again the box waiting for 10th Anniversary.

The couple will receive one wooden hand-made box created specifically for the rite with two goblets and a bottle of precious Italian wine.